About Us

Dr. Shashi Patil, pioneer in integrating Shivambu, Yoga & Naturopathy has dedicated his life for providing successful clinical care to poor and needy patients. His unparalleled contributions in the field of Shivambu Chikista will always remain as milestone.  He has developed his unique ways of treatments and a powerful healing ability after years of experience and experimentation.

Dr. Shashi Patil established the ‘Shivambu Yoga and Nature-cure Center, Kolhapur’  first of its kind in India and has successfully helped thousands of patients suffering from cardiac disorders, diabetes, obesity, asthma, allergies, cancers,  arthritis, chronic skin diseases, digestive dysfunctions, kidney stones, infertility, gynecological diseases and several psychosomatic disorders.

Dr. Shashi Patil, born on 25th June 1945 in Jaysingpur, completed his schooling in a spiritual residential school of Bahubali. In the initial phase of his career he followed the footsteps of his elder brother who was an ENT surgeon and received clinical training from him.  Then he practiced allopathic medicine in the rural outskirts of Kolhapur district.  After years of successful modern medical practice, there happened an incidence that turned his career.

A Kind of miracle changed the direction his practice completely, persuading him to in-depth study of complementary and alternative medicine. To a landlord couple, who were childless for fifteen years, a healthy baby was born as a result of practice of an ancient yogic kriya called Amroli (AUT). The couple had learnt the technique from a spiritual master Adrushya Sri Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji. Initially Dr. Patil approached him with lots of doubts and questions but as the spiritual saint showered his blessings all question disappeared. Swamiji encouraged Dr. Patil to practice AUT on himself first and revealed to Dr. Patil the purpose of his life. Thereafter Dr. Patil wholeheartedly and selflessly started treating poor and downtrodden patients with incurable diseases using Amroli.

Dr. Patil himself in his childhood suffered from polio, and after practicing AUT he is leading a perfectly normal life even at this age. Later on he studied in depth the ancient Indian scriptures such as Damar-tantra, Sushrut Samhita,  Bhavprakash,  Ashtangsanghrah,  Yogratnakar, Hathyogprdipika, Gherand Samhita etc. which have authentic information on Auto Urine Therapy. He also had the opportunity to interact with many spiritual masters, saints and experts in the field and he made continuous effort in improving his Integrated treatment protocol, which started giving miraculous results. At first, he successfully tested AUT on a group of leprosy patients suffering with non-healing wounds. Then gradually he devised specialized integrated AUT treatments for almost all types of incurable diseases. For a period of almost four decades he has been serving poor patients with low cost treatment modules. Later in 1975 he invited all experienced yoga and urine therapy practitioners from all over the country and formed an association called ‘Shivambu Prachar-prasar Mandal’ in order to systematically develop and bring the benefits of AUT to grass root level.

 He had very good relations with the former Prime Minister of India Shri Morarjibhai Desai, the staunch follower of yoga and AUT.  Shri Desai had personally visited the Shivambu Yoga and Nature-cure Center at Kolhapur on the 19th December 1983 and had congratulated and encouraged Dr. Shashi Patil and his team for their missionary work. Dr. Patil use to often visit Shri Desai’s residence for personal treatments and experience sharing.

As the years passed Dr. Patil’s communications and interactions reached all over the world.  He was then acknowledged as an experienced specialist of AUT. The Government of Rumania took note of his vast experience and knowledge in the field, and invited him to Rumania to treat patients suffering from breast cancer. He arrived in Bucharest with his team and displayed his unparalleled expertise in AUT, leaving Rumanians and the people in the Indian embassy astonished. His unique treatment programs emphasize mainly on AUT blended with lifestyle interventions for physical detoxification and Yogic techniques blended with mindfulness meditation for purification mind. He has deep understanding of laws of Nature, the origin and dimensions of human existence. He has an extremely effective and uncanny ability to convince people about AUT by giving simple examples. He has also greatly contributed to literature by writing many simple books on AUT and health. In fact his literature on health is an eye opener for the people of modern age who are always under stress, losing happiness of life and thereby falling prey to modern psychosomatic, auto-immune and lifestyle diseases.

Dr. Patil,  who  continuously wrote in newspapers, journals, magazines and gave lectures and conducted seminars and camps, has also released many audio-cassettes.  He was very caring and soft-spoken by nature; always spreading laughter and happiness to the people he came in contact with. Often his followers call him as 'Shivambu Maharshi' and 'Amaroli Yogi'.

Today he is primary inspiration for  Anandkunj in helping dedicated patients. For those suffering from fatal diseases, mentally and physically handicapped, depressed and dejected in life, he was and is a ray of hope. He use to explains his principle at Anandkunj in simple words:  ‘It is the First Choice or the Last Resort.’